Unmatched polyester insulating panels

Discover the meticulous three-phase process of ISOPLEX, ensuring optimal quality of polyester insulating panels. Enjoy exceptional insulation and enhanced durability suited to the demands of your project.


Thanks to our exceptional expertise, we offer you a three-step manufacturing process meticulously executed. The precise cutting of polyester skins, the careful preparation of panels, and the injection of polyurethane foam ensure the optimal quality and performance of our products. Trust our expertise to meet your needs for enhanced insulation and resistance.

Material Characteristics

Thermal insulation

Maximize your comfort with exceptional thermal insulation thanks to our injected polyurethane foam, offering a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m.K.

Complete resistance

Protect your project with superior mechanical strength and impact protection thanks to our fiberglass fabrics.

Reliable waterproofing

Ensure total protection against water infiltration and humidity with our waterproof gelcoat coating.

UV Scratch resistance

Maintain the brightness and durability of your panels with our UV-resistant gelcoat coating, ensuring effective protection against the harmful effects of the sun.


Benefit from the longevity of our ISOPLEX panels, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and provide a lasting solution for your project.


Maintain a healthy and hygienic environment with our gelcoat coating that meets current hygiene standards, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.


Obtain panels perfectly tailored to your specific needs thanks to our custom dimensions, ensuring seamless integration into your project


Served Markets

The ISOPLEX polyester isothermal panels are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their unparalleled characteristics, our panels are perfectly suited to many uses.
Food Transportation
Refrigerated Warehouses
Agri-food Industry
Modular Cold Rooms


ISOPLEX polyester isothermal panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as the transportation of perishable food items, the pharmaceutical industry, the construction sector, refrigerated warehouses, clean rooms and laboratories, the agri-food industry, and modular cold rooms.
ISOPLEX polyester isothermal panels offer numerous advantages, such as excellent thermal insulation, enhanced mechanical strength and impact protection, UV resistance due to the gelcoat finish, and compliance with current hygiene standards. The panels can also be customized to fit the dimensions of your project.
ISOPLEX panels ensure thermal insulation through the use of injected polyurethane foam, which has a low thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m.K. This ensures that heat transfer is minimized and your space remains properly insulated.
Yes, ISOPLEX panels can be customized according to the requirements of your project. You can choose from a range of panel thicknesses (40/60/80/100mm), widths (2000/2200/2400mm), and lengths (4700/5300/5500/6000/6500/6800mm) to create the perfect solution for your project.
ISOPLEX panels comply with the JIS Z 2801:2012 antibacterial standards, ensuring they meet hygiene requirements for various sectors, such as the transportation of fresh food products and the pharmaceutical industry.
ISOPLEX panels are manufactured through a meticulous three-step process: cutting of polyester skins, panel preparation, and polyurethane foam injection. Each step is carried out with precision to ensure the quality and performance of the panels.
To receive a customized quote for ISOPLEX panels, please contact our team with the requirements of your project, including dimensions, panel thickness, and any additional specifications. Our team will be happy to provide you with a tailored quote for your project.